Message to Brokers & Consultants

The Eastern Connecticut Health Insurance Program (ECHIP) can provide you with an innovative approach to cost containment for your municipal business. ECHIP is a self-funded model made possible by the passing of Connecticut Public Act 10-174 in 2010.  This public act allows your client the benefits of collaborating with other local municipalities and boards of education to provide high-quality, cost-effective, employee healthcare benefits.  While the collaborative does pool administrative costs like ASO and Stop Loss fees, ECHIP does not pool medical claims. Each member town and board of education is accountable for its individual claims experience. This model allows the collaboration to evolve and remain focused on bettering employee health outcomes, which, in turn, lowers costs.

The ECHIP staff welcomes the opportunity to speak with you and answer any of your questions. If you are interested in receiving a preliminary cost proposal for your client, please click on visit the New Member Checklist page and provide the information listed electronically to Larisa Carr at