ECHIP-CT’s Wellness Committee is dedicated to supporting members in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. The Wellness Committee has representatives from each of the ECHIP-CT Member entities and meets regularly.  This group shares health tips, recipes and provides opportunities to staff such as, virtual health fairs and worksite wellness challenges.  This committee focuses on employees and their dependents to explore resources for healthy living and wellbeing.

An additional perk of ECHIP-CT membership includes access to an Employee Assistance Program provided by ESI, Employee Assistance Group.  Through ESI all employees and their dependents gain acces to a dedicted website providing supports from personal counseling, financial counseling, self-help resources, care giver resources.  The site also hosts a library series of on-demand webinars and tools.  ESI provides telephonic and virutal access points to keep the membership fully supported 24/7.  

Have an idea that you would like the Wellness Committee to consider? Contact Larisa Carr at lcarr@echipct.org.