New Member Timeline

Prior to November 1st

Prospective member provides the ECHIP Administrative Team with all the necessary materials outlined on the New Member Checklist. The potential member will be factored into ECHIP's Pre-Renewal figures and provided with rates.

February 1st

Prospective member notifies ECHIP of their decision to pursue ECHIP membership.

March 1st

Prospective member presents a letter to the ECHIP Board requesting membership along with a signed copy of the bylaws.

The ECHIP board will vote on membership request during the March meeting.

April 1st

Insurance Administrator needs to be notified (90 day enrollment period)

Consecutive rate proposal requests from potential members

ECHIP rates that are prepared for potential members are factored into the current ECHIP membership’s renewal rates. For this reason, potential members will be provided rates from ECHIP for one year only. If the potential member is not able to arrive at a decision for membership after year one, a letter requesting rates for year two would need to be submitted to the ECHIP Board of Directors. This letter would provide a request for a quote accompanied with an explanation to be submitted to the ECHIP Board of Directors for consideration.